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20 exciting VIP event ideas and experiences

A VIP event shows your most valued customers just how much you appreciate their time, money and loyalty – but how do you make sure to blow them away?

Providing an exclusive and extra-special experience will show a fantastic return on investment for your clients away from the usual business dealings. It’ll also strengthen your bond and create memories you can both reminisce on for the future of your partnership.

1. Consider your guestlist

Your VIPs should feel like just that – very important. That’s why it’s vital to strike the right balance between a too-small and too-crowded event. You want your guests to get the most out of the event, but you don’t want to invite so many that the allure of exclusivity is lost to an overcrowded and impersonal experience.

2. Invitation only

Set the tone by making your event invitation only. This is an easy way to express the value you see in your VIPs, while also having greater clarity on the final numbers for your event.

3. First impressions count

When creating your invitations, remember that this is your opportunity to create a great first impression. Can you post beautiful invites with their favourite drink or other personal touch attached?

4. VIP access

If you’re hosting an event for your entire client base, make sure you’ve cordoned off a special area for your most valued customers. Take it that extra step by creating a VIP lounge, with champagne rather than prosecco and plush sofas instead of perching stools. That way you can make sure they’re receiving an appropriate level of attention and feel like the valued clients they are.

5. Priority entry

The last thing anyone wants is to be stood outside in the cold. Make sure your VIPs are either invited half an hour early, have RFID wristbands, or have special access passes so people at the door can easily identify them. This will work like a fast track queue but feel less theme park and more exclusive celebrity event!

6. Offer an upgraded menu

A simple yet effective way of showing your clients how important they are is offering an upgraded menu with more gourmet, indulgent options. This can also be a fantastic opportunity to awe them with unique, luxury cocktails they’ll be trying to get their hands on long after the event has ended.

7. Little perks count

If guests are paying for drinks, offer your VIP clients free refreshments. It’s a little perk, but one that can make all the difference in how they experience your event.

8. Choose the right venue

An event can be completely transformed by an incredible choice of venue, but the form that takes will depend on who your VIP audience is. Think about your demographic – are they nature loving, bold adventurers, or do they appreciate great architecture and rare antique furniture? Think about who they are and what they want, and you can’t go wrong in creating their ideal VIP experience.

9. Small conveniences make a big impact

Offering a free, staffed cloakroom service will go down a treat if your event is taking place in the chillier months – after all, we all need to put our coats somewhere! Another small gesture is having portable power banks for people to charge their phones if needed. Not only does this show your forethought, but it means no one has to be parted from their phone when inevitably asking staff to charge it behind the bar.

10. Keep the details under wraps

Impressing your attendees is easier when they don’t know what to expect. Selling your event as a secret exclusive invite will make every aspect of it a surprise, from the décor and activities to the food and drink.

11. Get guests involved in the catering

No, we don’t mean get them scrubbed up in hair nets and gloves! Your VIPs may be used to high-end restaurants – but how often do they get to meet the chef themselves? Having an expert gourmet chef to show your clients the ins and outs of gastronomy, while also serving an unforgettable meal is a great way to create a memorable experience they’ll talk about for months to come. Afterall, don’t they say the way to a client’s heart is through their stomach?

12. Show off your active listening skills

Many of us might have had non work-related conversations with our clients, and when we truly listen to what they have to say, we can find a whole host of opportunities in which to thrill them. Say they love watching Formula One at the weekend – is there a way you could get Lewis Hamilton to swing by your event?

13. Invite industry leaders

Whether you’re a charity or a clothing company, you can give your guests the experience of rubbing shoulders with relevant industry leaders that will inspire them and leave them with a whole bunch of talking points.

14. Valets

Did you know that you can hire valet parking services for your events? If this is something you can put budget aside for, why not treat your VIPs to a night off from parking the car? They’re sure to feel valued and appreciated.

15. Accommodation

Having a multi-day event? Arrange a discount code with local hotels and Airbnbs for your guests to take advantage of.

16. Swag bags

Everyone loves free stuff. However, remember that quality always trumps quantity in VIP events. Forget corporate mugs, this is your chance to splash out on things your clients will really value. Would they appreciate an experience day, a spa voucher, or a luxury gin collection?

17. Discounts

Your VIP customers are very important for a reason – they are loyal and invest a lot of time and money into your business. Offering them exclusive discounts on new products or services is something you can guarantee they’ll appreciate.

18. Offer some sneak peeks

Likewise, why not offer them a sneak peek of the year ahead – what you’ve got in the pipeline, how they’ve helped shape your business output, and so on? You can use this opportunity to get some feedback, to offer early bird access to all new launches, and to tailor something perfect for them.

19. We all need quiet time

If your event is taking place across an entire day and evening, a thoughtful touch can be adding a designated quiet room. This can be a place for people to take phone calls or send a quick email. If you’re inspired by the likes of Google, you could even integrate sleeping pods and massages for an added touch!

20. Hand write thank you notes

Sending out personal, hand-written thank you notes is a practice that will never go out of fashion.


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