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Advantages and disadvantages of a small wedding

When planning a wedding, one of the first details that you will have to decide is whether you’d prefer to have a larger or smaller wedding. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but today we’d like to share with you the ones associated with a small wedding.

Why have a small wedding?

You might wonder why a wedding, one of the big occasions of life, should ever be small. But small can be beautiful, and the intimacy offered by a low-key wedding with only the closest loved ones can provide you with a truly magical day you’ll remember forever.

Advantages of a small wedding

When considering the advantages of a small wedding, one of the main focuses is the fact that smaller weddings tend to cost less. Because you’d most likely be using a more intimate wedding venue, your budget won’t be quite as dented and should allow you to use the money for other things on your big day, such as flowers or a more varied menu.

Not only will a smaller wedding cost less money, it will also cost less time to organise. Any DIY tasks you’re planning on doing for your wedding won’t monopolise your time to such an extent since there will be less things to make. Additionally, this can also reduce the stress that you may feel since everything can be sorted out quicker and more simply since there are less people to accommodate.

Having a smaller wedding is hinged on having a smaller, more intimate guest list. The benefits to this include being able to only invite those who you’d really appreciate being involved in your big day. Additionally, due to the fact that you will have less people at your wedding, you will also have a lot more time to spend quality time with the people there.

Finally, a smaller wedding is the perfect canvas to create something more “informal”, meaning a celebration that might not follow all the stereotypes and traditions of a wedding, but will be something created for the two of you. You could even consider a destination wedding if you wanted, since it will be a lot cheaper with less guests.

How to organise a small wedding

As with any wedding, effective planning is the key to the success of smaller, more intimate wedding. You might have lots of ideas in your head about how your wedding day should be, but don’t know how best to make them a reality. This is where you might consider taking up the service of a wedding planner, and if you are seeking a small wedding venue in London, The Grubstreet Author offer a dedicated wedding planner service to make your day perfect.

Disadvantages of a small wedding

However, with all the above advantages, there do come some disadvantages. As we’ve mentioned above, your guest list will have to stay quite select, meaning that you may not be able to invite every single person you would like. A smaller guest list could also cause disputes; either between your parents and you, since they might want to invite people that you wouldn’t consider, or between you and your partner if you don’t quite agree on certain friends or family members.

Additionally, there is the possibility that you may regret not inviting certain people after the day, or regret having a smaller wedding when you see the kinds of weddings that other people you know are having. If you’re looking for a wedding with a party feel, you may also find that a smaller wedding doesn’t quite give you the same atmosphere.

As a last concern, if you have your heart set on a certain venue, depending on the size of the place, you may find that the venue will charge a minimum price for renting it, even if you’re not inviting many people. In this case, you may not end up with a less expensive venue, and therefore still have to spend as much as you would if you were holding a larger wedding.

Choice of a wedding venue is crucial

As we’ve just touched upon, choosing the right wedding venue is crucial, since it could impact your wedding cost and size. You’ll want to choose a venue that will complement the size of your wedding – so not one that makes your event look small or the venue room seem oversized for your day. Not only will that make things seem a little lacklustre, but it might force you to spend more money to fill the space.

The benefit of having a smaller wedding means you’ll have a lot more choice over venue though, so while it’s crucial to choose the right one for your special day, you’ll also have a lot more options available to you.

At The Grubstreet Author, we offer three fully functional London venue rooms that can become the perfect spaces to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Whether you’re looking to celebrate through a screening of your favourite film in our vintage cinema with a reception space or celebrate with a meal and a group of your closest friends and family, we’d love to help you celebrate your special day.