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  • Private dining in London

    What is private dining? Imagine the luxury of fantastic restaurant service with the privacy of eating in your own dining room – that’s private dining. Whether you’re looking for an intimate meal between friends or a dinner party for a large group of people, private dining can take all the stress out of the evening […]

  • The Grubstreet Author launches as the City of London’s newest events venue

    On the 25th April the team behind the award-winning events location The Brewery unveiled their brand new stand-alone venue, The Grubstreet Author. Entering through a private doorway on Milton Street, guests we’re invited to explore the three new spaces, while finding out more about the clandestine history behind Grubstreet, the bohemian area best known for […]

  • The City’s newest events venue

    A new events venue is coming to London, The Grubstreet Author on Milton Street in the heart of Moorgate, is a collection of three luxuriously designed spaces, operated by the team behind The Brewery. Occupying a previously forgotten and derelict part of the original Whitbread Brewery, the venue will fulfil the need for smaller numbers […]

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