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Choosing wine for your wedding

When it comes to planning your big day, there are certainly plenty of factors to consider. From wedding outfits to honeymoon destinations, not to mention the guest list, wedding venue and all-important dietary and beverage requirements.

One important factor you may not have put on your ever-growing ‘to do’ list is selecting your wedding day wine.  

Whilst on first reflection, wine selection may not seem as significant as some other wedding elements, this popular tipple plays a significant part throughout your wedding day celebrations and it is important to choose your wine wisely.  

If you’re puzzled by Prosecco, muddled with Merlot and speechless about sparkling, our experts have compiled some key considerations to help you make an informed and wise wine selection, set to refresh and wow your guests.

Wine types: the need to knows

From welcome drinks to wedding toasts and wine for the table during your wedding breakfast, there is plenty to consider if you are looking to incorporate wine into your wedding day whilst trying to please the masses. Here are some tips:

Welcome drinks

Wines likes Champagne and Prosecco are popular choices for welcome drinks and offer your guests some refreshing fizz to kickstart the proceedings. A quality Champagne will give your guests a refreshing, soft and mellow experience, which will be welcomed, particularly on a warm day.  

Speeches and toasts

It is tradition to serve sparkling wine for the toast, with most bride and grooms opting for Champagne for this poignant part of their wedding day. However, for a lighter and less costly option, Italian Prosecco or a Spanish Cava could offer a refreshing and pleasant beverage for your guests to savour throughout your wedding speeches.  

Prosecco, with its fruity freshness offers guests a light and sparkling treat as they toast the new Mr and Mrs.

Wine to savour at the table

If you are looking to select wine for specific cuisine for your guests to enjoy during your wedding breakfast, it is advised to provide loved ones with a selection of red, white and rose wine, as this is likely to cater perfectly for their varying menu choices.  

Wine pairing: a match made in heaven?

Whist there is traditionally set guidance when it comes to pairing wine with your chosen wedding cuisine, the decision lies solely with the bride and groom as to whether they follow this unwritten rule. A wedding day is as unique as the couple, and here at The Grubstreet Author, we will be happy to offer guidance on culinary pairings if that is what you wish.

However, the below can act as a guide when selecting wine to pair with your celebratory fare during your big day:

White fish, seafood and chicken

  • A dry Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • Spanish Rosé wine
  • Australian Riesling

Roast beef, lamb and other red meats

  • Shiraz
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bordeaux

Dessert and cheeseboard

  • Pinot Noir
  • Sauvignon Blanc

Wine and the four seasons  

When it comes to wine and the season that you decide to tie the knot, there are a host of options of wine to compliment the outside temperature, such as:

Winter weddings

Full bodied wines are perfectly suited to wedding celebrations that take place during the cooler winter months. Select your wine wisely, and your guests will not only savour the wine but will also welcome being warmed up by your perfectly considered beverage choice.

Wines boasting fuller bodies are an ideal choice, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or a matured Shiraz.

Summer weddings

Weddings taking place in the warmer summer months offer the perfect opportunity to introduce lighter beverage selections to your drinks table.

With warmer weather, guests are more likely to prefer a quenching and refreshing, lighter wine such as Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé or Pinot Noir. Other options also include a Riesling.


Striking the right balance between guest numbers and quantities of selected bottles of wine can be a challenge. Ultimately, the number of bottles of wine you purchase will largely depend on guest numbers, but as a rough rule, you can estimate pouring around 6 glasses of wine per bottle and 8 glasses of Champagne if these are poured into slim flute glasses.

Contact the wedding experts at The Grubstreet Author for more advice. Our dedicated wedding planners are on hand to offer guidance on wine and costs.  

Get help from the expert

If you are in need of further advice on choosing wine for your wedding day, take a look at our top tips for choosing wine. Alternatively, get in touch today with our wine experts to find out more about wine selection and how we can help shape your big day. The Grubstreet Author is a perfect venue to host your wedding day. Boasting three striking event spaces, our unique London venue offers sleek contemporary design alongside a setting oozing heritage. Our venues are as unique as you, and with award-winning contemporary cuisine, alongside a dedicated team of wedding planners, The Grubstreet Author is the perfect venue for your special day.