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10 steps to create the perfect product launch

It’s important to get a product launch right if you want to gain exposure and build excitement surrounding your product. You need to understand your target audience and ensure everything from the venue to the guestlist is carefully organised to ensure the event is a success.

The one thing that all successful product launches have in common is planning and preparation. To help you out we’ve put together ten steps that will be sure to help you create the perfect product launch for your business.


1. Choose a unique venue

For a product launch, you ideally want to choose a venue that allows you to customise the space in line with your product and branding. The space should also have character and atmosphere, reflecting the core values of your business through its overall look and feel. Product launch venue design is very important. We also recommend opting for somewhere with good transport links to ensure your guests can easily find the location.

2. Make a tailored guestlist

When it comes to creating the guestlist, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right audience for your new product. You need to invite media outlets and influencers who will actually be interested in your product and what it can do for them or their customers.

3. Choose the theme of your product launch

Every product launch needs a unique theme that will make the event memorable for guests. Once you have chosen a suitable theme, you can then begin tailoring everything from the décor to the food and drink to create a cohesive and successful launch.

4. Create a tagline and hashtag

Hashtags and taglines are perfect if you want to build anticipation and create some hype surrounding the launch on social media. You can also use the tagline and hashtag for guests to use on the day to interact with their own audiences about your new product.

5. Spread the word about your event

To build excitement about the launch of your new product, you should spread the word about your event online and send out a press release to journalists and influencers who may be interested in the launch. You should also create bespoke graphics and photos to coincide with the launch, posting countdown images and teaser campaigns that will boost conversation and mentions.

Launch Day

6. Encourage your guests to network

Product launches are a great opportunity for guests to communicate and network with like-minded people. They may even gain some valuable connections from your event, making the day even more memorable.

7. Take photos and share live to social media

Have someone take photos of your guests enjoying the event and share live to social media. You could even host an Instagram live or have someone in charge of tweeting and Instagram stories. You want your target audience to feel excited about the launch even if they aren’t actually attending the event.

8. Provide goody bags

Provide all of your guests with a goody bag as a thank you for coming along to your event. This could include the product you’ve just launched, branded items, or even other products that have relevance or relation to the launch.

For more in-depth launch day information take a look at our product release checklist.


9. Analyse the success of your launch event

After any event, you should ask yourself the question ‘how did it go?’. Look at how many guests turned up, the feedback you received from the event, how many sales, subscribers or sign-ups you made. This will allow you to understand how successful the launch was and to adjust your subsequent marketing campaign if needed.

10. Drive online marketing

After your product launch, you want to push your digital marketing strategy and engage with your target audience. You don’t want to build loads of hype surrounding your product and then go quiet after the launch. Success is about consistency and communication with your stakeholders and customers.

We hope you found our steps to creating the perfect product launch useful. Here at The Grubstreet Author, we have three unique spaces to host your product launch event and even have a dedicated in-house team to help you with the planning.

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