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How to decorate an event venue

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding or a party, you may be wondering how to decorate your event venue. From décor themes and table settings to lighting and venue layout, there are several ways to make your chosen venue feel welcoming and suited to your event. To help you make your celebration look and feel amazing, we’ve put together our top tips on event décor!

Event décor – how to decorate an event venue

Firstly, choosing the right venue is a must.

Visit different event spaces to get a feel for the atmosphere and its potential for customisation. You want to find a space that has the wow factor, but equally gives you the freedom to add your own personal touches. You’ll often find that venues offer the option to collaborate with their in-house event planners, who can help you to source a range of décor and props depending on your needs.

If you’re going for the DIY option, we recommend making lists and setting reminders. This ensures each detail has been catered to and considered. Small details can make a big difference, but they can also be easily forgotten!

Is it possible to decorate your venue?

If you want to host an event that has the option to personalise the décor, you need to make sure the venue you choose allows this. It’s also worth asking if the venue offers a party planning service, or if you can bring in a professional to help bring your ideas to life. We strongly recommend confirming with your chosen venue how long you before the event in which to decorate and organise the space.

Considerations when decorating an event

Room décor

Think about how you want the overall space to look and feel. Consider colour schemes when choosing from welcome signs, personalised banners, balloons, flower walls, backdrops and streamers. What you choose will depend on the type of event you’re hosting, but you want the room décor to match the theme or purpose of your event.

Table décor

For events that involve table settings, consider everything from the tableware and cutlery to the floral arrangements and party favours. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to go all out, there’s a whole host of beautiful ways to present a table.

Lighting and entertainment

Lighting and entertainment both play a pivotal role in setting the atmosphere for an event. Make sure to find out what lighting and entertainment options your venue provides, as this will allow you to consider whether you want to look at outsourcing.

Timing and volunteers

It’s possible to put together an event yourself, but it can be hard work. Highlight your timeline for decorating the space with the venue management and make sure you’ve booked any appropriate suppliers. All you’ll need then is to enlist some eager volunteers to help you bring it all together.


Event décor is based on event type


Wedding venues often provide some form of event décor within their packages, such as tableware and vases, but always double-check with your supplier. Decorations that can easily be integrated into your colour scheme and theme include lanterns, floral arrangements, and ambient lighting.

Birthday parties

Birthday celebrations are all about having fun. From personalised banners and streamers to photo backdrops and balloon arches, there are some great birthday party decorations to choose from to celebrate milestone years.

Corporate events

Whether you’re hosting a conference, a company party or an exhibition, corporate events are a great way to showcase your branding and impress your attendees. From bold signage and corporate themed props to table centrepieces and eye-catching lighting, you can completely customise your decor to adopt corporate colours and branding.

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