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Great reasons to hire a private cinema in London

There’s nothing like a night out to see a new film on the big screen. And with over 100 public cinemas in London, there are a lot of places to choose from. However, there aren’t many that allow you to relax and escape into the action with just friends and family for company.

If this sounds like your tub of popcorn, we’d like to suggest the idea of hiring a private cinema in London to host your screenings, parties and other events too.

Private cinema screening

No one enjoys sitting in a cinema to watch a film they’ve looked forward to, only to be interrupted by disruptive or talkative patrons and rustling packets. A private cinema could be the perfect solution.

Whether you’re watching a new film or an old classic, invite your friends or family and make the showing an event. The Grubstreet Author’s Cutting Room is the perfect vintage venue for film clubs to watch their favourite movies, or a venue for a wonderful cinema party with family of all ages.

Memorable product launches

Do you have a new concept or service you want to present to a select number of colleagues or higher-ups at your company? Are you releasing a new product and want to create a memorable evening for its launch with a group of the most relevant people in the industry?

With a private cinema venue, you can present the message you wish to convey in a truly unique setting, tailored for the group of people you’re inviting. A private cinema can allow for a greater level of connection between attendees and presenters, and a fantastic way to make sure you can answer any and all questions that are asked about your brand-new product or presentation.

Independent film screenings

While independent films can often be outstanding, they usually don’t have the visibility that comes from general cinema release. If you’re looking for somewhere to showcase your own work to a select group of people, a private cinema could be the perfect location.

The Cutting Room has both a reception and a cinema space, so there’s more than enough space to host drinks, discussion and the screening. The vintage appeal of the space can add an extra level of glamour and style to your event, further enhancing the indie film vibe.

Private cinema behind double doors
Your screening room awaits!

Private cinema screening in Central London

At The Grubstreet Author, we’re proud to offer a fully dedicated space for a private cinema, called The Cutting Room. Taking its cues from screening rooms from past eras, the beautiful tiered cinema and lobby area are the perfect venue for a cinema screening or presentation. With space for over 40 guests and high-tech features, such as digital surround sound and immersive LED lighting, this quirky and stylish environment is perfect for any intimate event.