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Innovative product launch ideas

When you launch a new product, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and be armed with innovative ideas that will grab the attention of your target audience. You need to be at the forefront of people’s minds, so it’s crucial you have a strategy and marketing plan in place to build anticipation, excitement and get people talking.

We’ve put together some key product launch ideas, ensuring maximum exposure and success.

Building anticipation

If you suddenly launch your product and then start the promotion work afterwards, you haven’t given your audience a chance to build anticipation, interest and become excited about it. Start with small teasers on social media channels to build suspense about your exciting new launch. It’s also a great idea to share the product launch date and create a countdown to the event, building the anticipation day by day. This helps to build your audience’s interest and increase engagement.

Take pre-orders

If you already have an existing fan base, it’s a great idea to take pre-orders, allowing customers to countdown to launch day when they will receive your new product. This is also a good way for understanding demand and how well your marketing efforts are working, allowing you to adjust things slightly post launch.

Host a launch party

What better way to kick off your product launch than with an amazing party at a beautiful venue? By hosting a launch event, you have the opportunity to build even more excitement around the launch and invite journalists and influencers who are likely to provide you coverage through their own digital channels.

Focussing on every detail from the music and food, to the design and social media content from the day, a party is a great way to build a buzz. You could even livestream the party via social media, allowing your existing fan base to join in with the celebrations.

For more product launch ideas, take a look at our ultimate product launch day checklist.

Product launch competitions

Online competitions are a great way for building excitement and expanding your audience. For entries, you can request people tag someone in your post, increasing exposure of your product and increasing your fanbase. Often, competitions posted on social media snowball and receive huge engagement compared to usual posts. This helps to boost your visibility and get your product in front of people to increase your reach.

Video marketing

Video content is a hugely popular social media tool. You could share live content from your headquarters or offices, short stories on Instagram, or even longer videos showing exactly how your new product can be used. More people engage with video content than anything else, so it’s a great idea to create suitable content that will work across multiple social platforms.

Work with influencers

There’s no denying the success of influencer marketing. If you can find an influencer that aligns well with your brand and you think their audience will identify with your product, it’s a no brainer. Their influence can hugely help increase your following and sales.

Contact the Grubsteet Author

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Catering for events from 30-120 guests, we can help you host a product launch to remember. All of our customisable spaces also include a built in DAD PA system, coloured LED lighting, electronic signage and complimentary Wi-Fi. To find out more about how we can help you create a truly magical product, contact the team today