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How to organise a drinks reception

Whether you’re organising a drinks reception for your wedding guests, a corporate event or any other special occasion, it’s important to plan the event carefully, right down to the last detail.

From picking the perfect venue and catering, through to nailing down your guest list and ensuring that your drinks reception has the wow factor, there’s a lot to think about.

Here’s our guide to organising the ultimate drinks reception.

What is a drinks reception?

A drinks reception is a popular addition to a wide range of special occasions. Most of us love a drink and a catch up, so it’s a perfect way to fill the gap between proceedings at weddings, parties, networking dos and corporate events.

When it comes to organising the perfect drinks reception, the possibilities are truly endless, allowing you to create a memorable experience that your guests will talk about for days and weeks after.

Choosing the perfect venue

Whatever the occasion, it’s important to take the time to suss out the perfect venue for your drinks reception. From ensuring that there will be enough space for your guests to mingle and relax, through to choosing an accessible, appropriate location, there’s plenty to consider and think about.

The good news is there are countless venues in London that are designed to host the perfect drinks reception, including Grub Street, of course.

How long should a drinks reception be?

Although there is no set limit on how long your drinks reception should be, as a general rule of thumb, they typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. This will give your guests enough time to enjoy their favourite tipple, mingle and enjoy a variety of nibbles.

You might even decide to incorporate some form of entertainment into your drinks reception to really give it the wow factor. From mingling musicians and magicians, through to dancers and gymnasts, there are lots of ways to create the perfect conversation starter.

What time should a drinks reception start?

Again, there are no set rules when it comes to deciding when your drinks reception should start and end. However, you’ll need to consider the time of day you will be holding your event, as this will have an impact on how much alcohol you should serve.

For example, if you’re hosting a champagne reception in the morning ahead of your wedding, guests will naturally consume fewer beverages than they would at an afternoon or evening reception.

What drinks should be served at a drinks reception?

The type of drinks you should serve at your drinks reception will depend very much on the demographic of the guests you are accommodating, as well as the occasion. However, research has showed that the majority of drinks receptions serve 50 percent beer, 30 percent wine or champagne, and 20 percent soft drinks.

Of course, if you know your guests and it’s a special occasion, you’ll probably already have a good idea of what drinks will go down well.

Should you serve nibbles?

In any environment where your guests are drinking, it’s always a good idea to serve food too. Canapés or nibbles should be enough to keep appetites satisfied, especially if it won’t be too long before your guests will sit down to eat.

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We can even tailor the space exactly to your needs. Get in touch to find out how we can ensure your guests have a memorable experience.