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Private dining in London

What is private dining?

Imagine the luxury of fantastic restaurant service with the privacy of eating in your own dining room – that’s private dining. Whether you’re looking for an intimate meal between friends or a dinner party for a large group of people, private dining can take all the stress out of the evening and leave you free to savour fine cuisine, with none of the cleaning up.

What to look for in your fine dining experience

When considering a private dining experience, you’ll want to look for a venue that not only offers the experience but also caters for it. While some restaurants can create privacy by sectioning off parts of their venue, the best fine dining venues will have areas specifically designated for dining in private. This ensures guests aren’t interrupted and will have a true fine dining experience.

Additionally, if you’d like to make even more of an event of your fine dining experience, you may want to consider looking for a venue which includes accommodation. Choosing a London venue with places to stay means that you can take as much time as you would like for your meal and can retire to a comfortable room instead of having to make your way home, just as you would if you were hosting your own dinner party.

The importance of the menu

Whenever you go out to eat, the menu of the restaurant you’re visiting is of utmost importance. If you’re considering a private dining experience, the menu is an even more important aspect, and should reflect your personal tastes and the flavour of the event.

At The Grubstreet Author, our team of passionate chefs dedicate themselves to providing the most thought provoking and delicious cuisine. They will tailor the menu to the exact needs of your event, catering for all your attendees. Their private dining menus are created specifically to be savoured at a leisurely pace, allowing you to enjoy every moment and sensation.

Incredible private dining cuisine in London

Events ideally suited to private dining

While private dining can be suited to any occasion, there are some events that are perfectly suited to a private dining atmosphere.

On the corporate side, an intimate and exclusive dinner for the company would be ideal for the use of a private dining venue, as would an awards ceremony, a meeting, a Christmas party or even a conference for a smaller number of people.

In comparison, with regards to personal events, a private dining experience could be the perfect way to conclude an intimate wedding celebration, an important anniversary or birthday.

Whatever the event, private dining can take it to the next level, creating a tailored and personalised experience for all guests.

Dining at The Grubstreet Author

If you’re looking for a luxurious and decadent fine dining experience in London, look no further than The Grubstreet Author, situated in the heart of Moorgate. As an events venue with three separate event spaces, we can cater to your every desire for your personal event and private dining experience.

As we mentioned before, our talented chefs will be able to take your dining party on a journey of taste and flavour, through a delicious selection of stunning edible creations. Our three distinct rooms are full of character and charm and can be used either alone or in conjunction with one another.

If you’re considering private dining after an intimate wedding ceremony, why not hold the ceremony at The Grubstreet Author too? Or, if you’re wanting to hold a conference, awards ceremony or new product presentation followed by private dining, we can accommodate both.

If you’d like to hold your private dining event at The Grubstreet Author, the luxurious new event space created and operated by the team behind London’s leading event venue The Brewery, simply contact us today and we can help you create your private dining event to perfection.

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