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Product launch event design

When you’re launching a product or a service, it’s important that you build as much momentum as possible prior to going to market. One of the best ways to gain exposure, generate interest and showcase your product or service to investors, customers and influencers is to plan a product launch event.

Capable of creating instant hype, product launch events can boost the success of your product or service. Their power and influence on your target market should not be underestimated.

Planning and designing a product launch event requires meticulous attention to detail if you want to optimise sales, build credibility and maximise exposure.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about a product launch event design.

The importance of the right event theme when launching a product

Finding the perfect venue to host your product launch is extremely important – it can make or break your event.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs begin the planning process by choosing a set theme for their event with the main aim of dazzling their guests. After all, the idea of a product launch event is to not only place your product or service at the forefront of your customers’ minds but to also ensure that it’s remembered for all the right reasons.

This is why a theme can do wonders for the success of your event, especially if it is well thought out, well-designed and relevant to your audience and product.

Finding the right venue

There are many factors to be considered when looking for the perfect venue, including its capacity, facilities, location and how well it will complement your chosen theme.

From modern venues to traditional settings, outdoor to indoor venues, and creative spaces through to unique buildings with historic relevance and luxurious venues that evoke an instant wow factor, you’ll quickly discover that there are lots of different venues to choose from.

And remember, location really is everything when it comes to choosing the perfect product launch event venue. Your venue should not only be centrally located and easy to access, it should also be extremely accessible for your guests. After all, you want your guests to attend, so a venue that is hard to reach or difficult to find won’t help boost your numbers.

At the same time, you should look at the venue’s facilities in terms of parking and disabled access, so that all of your guests’ needs are met. It’s worth checking out transport links the area too.

Branding the product launch space

Visual elements can instantly bring an event to life and will keep your guests entertained and interested in your product. From podiums, furniture and table décor, through to back drops, music and entertainment, everything should be on-brand and reflect the theme of your event.

Your product launch event should also be an exciting and informative experience, with aspects such as demonstration workshops, lectures, displays and other interactive brand activities that will ensure your guests remember who you are and what you’re about. Remember, this is an also a great opportunity to grab as many photo opportunities as possible!

Find someone with event planning experience

When organising and designing a launch event, it’s definitely worth hiring an event organiser with lots of experience. From helping you come up with ideas surrounding an appropriate launch theme, assisting with your branding and mapping out an itinerary through to choosing décor and creating an event strategy and launch day checklist, an event planner’s experience can prove invaluable.

Why choose Grub Street for your product launch

Here at Grub Street, we have three exceptional venue spaces to hire that can be tailored to accommodate your exact needs. Our spaces include the Cutting Room, which is a fully working 48 capacity cinema auditorium, the Sample Room, a former beer sampling area, and the Pasteur Room, a stunning 70-seater event space.

If you would like to book your product launch event with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.