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Product launch event ideas

Organisation is key when it comes to planning a product launch event. It’s your first opportunity to really show off your new product and shout about it, so you need the event to be a success and create excitement.

Every successful product launch is different, but the one thing they all have in common is preparation and creative ideas that are tailored to their product. To help you create a product launch event to remember, we’ve put together some of our top product launch event ideas.

Building anticipation

Before any event, you want to create a buzz about what’s to come and get people talking. You should spread the word on social media in a way that is unique to your product and encourage people to share and engage with your post. A press release should also be sent out to journalists who may want to cover the story about your new product.

Launch a teaser campaign

Any product worth shouting about should launch a teaser campaign prior to the official launch. This will offer a glimpse of the product with snippets that provide just enough information to build excitement for the launch. Teaser campaigns not only help boost conversation about your product, but will get your target audience ready to share or buy into it.


A great promotional tactic for a product launch is exclusivity. It’s about creating a proposition that is specifically available to those who meet a certain criteria. For example, you could offer a discount or deal to existing customers who have purchased other products from you, or those signed up to your newsletter.

Use a unique venue

The venue you choose to host your product launch in will set the tone for event and atmosphere. You want to choose a space that you can customise in-line with your branding and have some creative control over. Even better if you can find a venue with character and wow-factor.

Choose a memorable theme

The theme of your product launch needs to be relevant and memorable. First and foremost, it should complement the product you’re launching and consider your target audience. It’s also a great idea to create a tagline for your product launch that people will remember or can use as a hashtag on social media.

Target the right audience

It goes without saying that you need to invite and reach your target audience when launching a new product. It’s pointless inviting people of influence who wouldn’t actually use your product, or who have an audience your product isn’t aimed at. You need to be specific about who you invite to get the most out of your event.

Encourage networking

Product launch events are as much about networking as they are about the event itself. You don’t want people to turn up and find they have no one to talk to. You want your guests to be able to connect with like-minded people and gain valuable contacts. See our blog post about ways you can facilitate networking at your event.

Entertain your guests

At a product launch event, you need to ensure your guests are entertained, whether that be with live music, a presentation about your product or unique food and drink stands. Think outside the box and make sure your entertainment ties into the theme and atmosphere you want to create.

Swag bags

Before your guests leave your event, you should supply them with a swag bag to help you build a truly memorable post-event experience. In the bag you could include the product itself, branded items such as notebooks, pens or keyrings and other relevant items your guests will actually use. It’s always a good idea to include some food-based gift too.

Check out our product launch day checklist to make your launch day run smoothly.

Here at The Grubstreet Author, we have a dedicated in-house team to help you create an amazing product launch event in London. Catering for events with 30-120 guests, we can tailor the décor, food and drinks to your event, and even source any props you may need.

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