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Small Wedding Decoration Ideas

Small weddings have been increasing in popularity for a number of years, and with the pandemic bringing big celebrations to a halt, more couples than ever before are looking to tie the knot with a more intimate affair.

If you’re planning a small wedding and thinking of ways to make the wedding venue personal to you, we’ve picked out some of our favourite wedding decoration ideas to give you some inspiration.

Decoration ideas for an intimate wedding

Fairy lights

Hanging fairy lights from the ceiling of your ceremony or reception space is a great way of creating romantic ambience. You could also do this if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding by weaving the lights through trees or branches.

Greenery or flower wall

Perfect as a photo backdrop, greenery and flower walls will bring your wedding reception space to life. You could even use it as a backdrop to your ceremony before transferring it to your reception space.

Marquee Letters

Whether you arrange them in your initials, names or send a message to guests, marquee letters are perfect to make a larger venue more personal.

Balloon arch

A balloon arch is perfect for framing the entrance to your wedding reception or for use as a photo backdrop. You could even place it around the bar for a playful touch.

Layered rugs

If you love the boho trend, layered rugs for your ceremony or reception space are perfect for adding cosy and comforting vibes. Choose rugs that match your colour scheme to tie the decoration together.

Visual guestbook

Instead of a traditional guestbook, set up a polaroid camera alongside your book so our guests can take some snaps to stick in the book. It will make for a lovely wedding keepsake.

The cake

With a smaller wedding, you can make a bigger fuss over the cake since it’s more likely everyone will get a slice! Match the cake decoration to your wedding décor and choose a cake topper that’s personal to you. For example, you could go or your initials or favourite flower. And if you’re not a cake person, swap it for a cheese tower!

Sweet bar

The best kind of wedding decorations are the edible kind. Create a mini sweet bar or dessert bar for your guests to enjoy. Use classic glass jars to display them in with scoops and personalised treat bags.


Small wedding table decoration ideas

Coloured glassware

Use a selection of unique glassware to inject some colour into your table décor. Whether you choose to stick to a single colour or mix and match for a rainbow theme, colourful glassware is great for a more vintage and eclectic style.

Cluster of floral centrepieces

Rather than opting for a large table centrepiece, use a number of glass bottles, bud vases and glasses to display an array of wonderful flowers for a chicer and more rustic look.

Unique place cards

You can make place cards out of almost anything. From stones and crystals, to shells and leaves, get crafty and DIY something that is personal to you and your guests.

Tapered dinner candles

Available in an array of colours, dinner candles are usually inexpensive and can really establish the mood of a table setting. Consider opting for pastel tones with ornate, brass candleholders.

Print your own menu

Create a menu that your guests can keep and take home as a keepsake from the day. You could even match all of your wedding stationary with a running theme, including the invitations, menus, table numbers and order of service.

Wood slices

Use a wood slice or slab to display food on the table, as a charger plate or even as a cake stand. This rustic and chic way of enhancing your table is simple yet effective.


Here at The Grubstreet Author, we offer three separate event spaces that are completely customisable for small weddings. In the heart of Moorgate, London, we have an onsite team ready to help you create a wedding to remember. We can also help you source a whole host of wonderful and exciting props, as well as provide access to a built in DAD PA system, coloured LED lighting, electronic signage and complimentary Wi-Fi. We can even cater to all your audio and visual needs with the help of our audio-visual supplier, AVC Live.


If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a small wedding, planning an intimate wedding, or hosting your small wedding at The Grubstreet Author, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.