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Running a successful awards dinner

Holding an awards dinner is the perfect way to recognise the contributions of employees in your company, or businesses in your industry.

Making your event both memorable and seamless takes some work, but it can be achieved. To help you out, we have broken the event down into the most important aspects and will offer our tips and tricks, garnered from years of experience.

Read on to find out how you can run a successful awards dinner for your guests.

The key to running a successful awards dinner

The most important thing to remember when running a successful awards dinner, is that the event is a way to showcase the achievements of your colleagues or industry businesses. The event should be designed and run with them in mind.

Make sure that the event is planned to focus on the attendees, not so much who is running the event. While it’s important to include branding for the event, don’t let it overshadow the event itself. Awards dinners are created to bring everyone together for some feel-good fun, so they should reflect that in the way they are run.

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The importance of award dinner planning

Planning your awards dinner is of vital importance to its success since you need to make sure everything runs smoothly. Firstly, make a plan of the evening itself, working out how many awards you have to give out and when you want to present them. You’ll need to work out how long you want the event to last, how long the speeches will be, any extra activities you want to include, and what time you want the event to finish.

Another aspect to plan for the evening is the table plan, since you’ll want to make sure that the nominees for the awards can get to the stage easily should they win their award. The last thing you want is for the winner to feel trapped by surrounding tables and unable to get up to the front of the room without embarrassment or awkward manoeuvres.

Ideal food to serve

An awards dinner is a way to get a group of people together for some fun and achievement recognition. Part of the enjoyment of the evening includes the food and drink, so it’s important to make sure that you offer a sumptuous menu that everyone can appreciate.

Choosing a menu that is not too complicated will make serving easy during the course of the evening – you don’t want everyone distracted by multiple plates or fiddly meals while you’re trying present awards to your winners.

If you’re looking for a venue that produces high-quality cuisine from some of the best award-winning chefs in London, look no further than The Brewery. We recognise that food is one of the most important aspects of your event, so we pay particular attention to providing cuisine that stands out.

The order of events

The best awards dinner is one that is engaging and doesn’t drag. To achieve this balance, you’ll need to plan your order of events so that the evening runs smoothly, you can fit everything in to your time frame, and you know when to stagger your presentations.

We recommend giving out the awards during the course of the dinner, instead of presenting them either at the beginning or the end of the evening. According to Merlin Events, the best process to use is to give out the starter, then present a few awards, clear away the starter and present another few awards. Then serve the main course, and present the few awards, and then provide dessert and have that finish the night.

Make it memorable

One way to make sure that your attendees share pictures of your event and talk about it on social media and in person, is by making it memorable. Think about the design and audio-visual effects available to you in the venue space and, as we’ve mentioned before, the food and drink.

Making your event appeal to social media, such as through Instagram-tailored features, adding touches of personalisation for your guests, or choosing an event venue space that is sure to catch the eye, are great ways to make sure your guests appreciate the event and remember the experience.

If you’re looking for a venue space, right in the heart of London and imbued with historical significance, customisable to your exact requirements to make your awards dinner truly memorable, look no further than The Grubstreet Author. With specialist teams of event designers and audio-visual technicians, we can make sure your awards dinner looks its best and our team of award-winning chefs can make sure it tastes its best too. Contact us to find out more.