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Tips for a sustainable summer party

Summer is the perfect time for a party. From drinks in the sunshine to dining al fresco, the summer months are a great time to make the most of quality time with family, friends and work colleagues. And of course, the warmer weather means that there’s always a good excuse for a celebration!

A lot of people tend to throw more parties during spring and summer, especially if they’re planning an outdoor event. From birthdays and anniversaries, through to engagements and weddings, everything feels better and brighter in the warmer months.

If you’re planning a party this summer, it’s important to be mindful of the environment and ensure your event is as sustainable as possible.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your summer party is sustainable.

Opt for eco-friendly tableware

No party is ever completing without food and drink! However, this can result in a whole lot of waste, especially if your plastic and paper tableware isn’t recyclable.

Let’s face it, at any party, the vast majority of dishes, cutlery and paper towels often end up piled high in a rubbish heap or worse still, on the ground.

The good news is, there are lots of sustainable alternatives that are good for your guests and the planet. For example, you could choose reusable or biodegradable plates and tableware to help you reduce waste, and try to ensure you only use the minimum amount of tableware – after all, do you really need 200 forks for 50 guests?

Choose biodegradable party decorations

Decorations are a core element of any party – they help set the scene and get everyone in the party mood. However, they also create a lot of waste and usually end up in landfill.

There are lots of fantastic, biodegradable indoor and outdoor party decorations that are sure to bring your party to life. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, choosing biodegradable garlands, confetti, bows, tableware, banners or flowers can help make a huge difference.

Keep things local

A great way to play your part in helping to reduce pollution levels is to choose a party venue that is local for your guests, so they don’t have to worry about travelling long distances to reach your event.

As well as making your party more sustainable, this will also mean that your guests won’t need to worry about staying overnight in a hotel or paying costly transport fees.

Encourage your guests to take home food and decorations

A great way to limit the amount of waste left over from your party is to encourage your guests to take home food, decorations and anything else that can be used again or recycled.

From decorations and reusable table centrepieces through to left-over food and drink, you should always encourage your guests to take as much as possible home with them.

Replace paper invites

For years, people have asked their guests to save the date of their party by sending out paper invitations. However, although there are now plenty of great recycled paper options, one of the best ways to help the environment is to simply avoid paper invites altogether.

Instead, digital invites that can be sent out via email or announced via your social media platforms are a great alternative. There are plenty of great tools and templates out there, so you can create your own designs and save money in the process!


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