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The ultimate product launch day checklist

A product launch event is an opportunity for you to shout about your new product, create excitement and maximise exposure to your target audience. It’s also the introduction of your new product to the world, so you need the event to be a success in order to create a positive experience that people will talk about.

Although every product launch is different, there are some key factors that will equal success. We have put together a product launch checklist, covering everything you need to get the word out about your product, kickstart sales and create a buzz.

You can tailor each point to your specific event and use this checklist as a guide to ensure everything is planned effectively for your product launch.

Launch date

Set a suitable date and time for the launch event on which to communicate with stakeholders and your target audience.

Define your USP

You need to define your unique selling points (USPs). Why should your target audience should choose you over competitors?

Identify your target audience

Before you begin your PR strategy, you need to make sure you’ve identified your target audience so you know who you’re looking to attract.

Assign roles and build a team

A product launch has a lot of different elements, so you need to assign roles and create a team where everyone knows exactly what they’re responsible for.

Find an amazing venue

You want the venue you to choose to be customisable so that it will reflect the product you’re launching. If you want your product to wow your guests, the venue is a good place to start. Our product launch venue considerations should help you find the right venue.

Food and drink

Every good launch party needs delicious food and drink for its guests. Even better if you can tailor the menu to your product.


As well as networking and showing off your product, you need to think about other ways you will entertain your guests. For example, you could have guest speakers, musicians or acrobats.

Guest list

Think about who you want to be at your launch event. From relevant press, stakeholders and influencers, you need to ensure everyone can reserve their time.

Reach out to influential personnel

Get in touch with industry analysts and other people of influence to brief them on your new product and why they should be interested in its launch.

Write a press release

You need to create a press release that will grab journalists’ attention and encourage them to reach out. If you’re not sure how to write and distribute a press release, it’s best to speak to a PR specialist who can help you get in touch with journalists in the most effective way.

Test your product

This is a crucial step. You need to conduct comprehensive testing of your product to ensure users and your target audience are impressed.

Launch your product internally

Before you officially launch your product, you should test it internally to make sure everything is perfect in time for the launch date.

Set a goal

Have a goal in mind of what you want the launch event to achieve; perhaps a figure you’d like to reach, whether that be initial sales or the number of users you engage with.

Spread the word

Speak to everyone you know about your product launch and use social media to engage with your target audience before the launch to build excitement.


Here at The Grubstreet Author, we have three exciting spaces for your product launch event in London. Filled with rich history and character, we can cater for events with 30 – 120 guests, creating tailored menus to suit the theme and style of your event.

We also provide full on-site support and help with sourcing a whole host of wonderful and exciting props. As well working alongside our in-house team, you will have access to a built in DAD PA system, coloured LED lighting, electronic signage and complimentary Wi-Fi. We can also cater to all of your audio and visual needs with the help of our audio-visual supplier,Blitz.

To find out more about hosting your product launch event at The Grubstreet Author, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.