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Vegan Friendly Weddings

More of us than ever before are embracing the many benefits of a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle. So, it’s no surprise that vegan-friendly weddings are also on the rise.

As vegan-friendly weddings become increasingly popular, there are more suppliers, products, and options appearing on the market to help make your vegan-friendly wedding truly unforgettable.

Whether you’ve recently got engaged and are starting to plan your vegan-friendly wedding, or you’re making your way through your wedding to-do list and need a little inspiration to perfect those finishing touches, you have certainly landed in the right place!

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything you need to consider when planning your vegan wedding.

Vegan-friendly wedding venues

Many wedding venues are now happy to accommodate vegan weddings, giving you more choice than ever before. Whether the venue offers vegan food choices in-house or outsources their vegan catering, you will find that the majority of vegan-friendly wedding venues will go above and beyond to accommodate all your needs.


Vegan wedding food

One of the main focuses of planning any wedding is perfecting your menu so your guests can tuck into a delicious feast of food as you celebrate your special day.

Today, most wedding caterers are more than happy to offer vegan food options. Many wedding venues also now offer a full vegan menu for couples to choose from, which is great news for the industry.

From a full three-course vegan wedding breakfast and vegan canapes to the vegan wedding cake of your dreams, there are plenty of delicious options that will be sure to impress all of your guests, whatever their diet.

Vegan wine

No wedding is complete without wine and bubbles, right? Unfortunately, many mainstream wines, beers and other alcoholic drinks are not suitable for vegans due to the animal products used in the manufacturing process.

The good news is vegan wedding wine options are more accessible than ever before. Many wine stores are more than happy to order vegan wine on request. So, as your nearest and dearest raise a glass to the happy couple, they can now sip on vegan wine. All you need to do is ensure they’re on the menu.

The décor

Ensuring your wedding is vegan friendly isn’t just about the food. You also need to think about the décor you use in your venue.

For example, if you choose real flowers, make sure that they are Fairtrade. Or rather than opting for cut flowers, why not use potted plants that can then be reused by your guests? If you’re choosing artificial flowers as your centrepieces, make sure that they don’t contain silk, as this isn’t a vegan-friendly material.

Vegan wedding dresses

If you’re looking for the perfect vegan-friendly wedding outfits, you should avoid anything that incorporates pearls, silk, wool and leather. Bridal boutiques are increasingly catering for the needs of vegan brides, grooms and guests, by offering fantastic alternatives that will ensure you look and feel the part on the big day.

There are lots of great vegan and cruelty-free beauty products out there to help perfect your look. If you’re using a make-up artist, you can ask them to use vegan-friendly products, or even ask them to use the products you supply.

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